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Review Committee on Orientation

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In spring 2011, the Dean for Undergraduate Education and the Dean for Student Life formed the Review Committee on Orientation (RCO) and charged it with examining all aspects and activities associated with Freshman Orientation. Specifically, the Committee is interested in considering potential changes in Orientation that will improve the experience for first-year students and better prepare them for the challenges they are about to encounter at the Institute.

Students having a picnic at the Killian BBQ Area.

Specifically, the Committee is reviewing:

  • Orientation Programming
  • Freshman Pre-Orientation Programs (FPOPS)
  • Residential Exploration (REX) and housing
  • FSILG Rush

A key aspect of the review process is gathering input from faculty, students and staff. The Orientation Idea Bank is a forum for open discussion, and an opportunity to share your thoughts and ideas directly with the Review Committee on Orientation and the community at-large.

Please join the conversation. We want to hear from you.

Here's how.

  • Post ideas
  • Respond to others’ ideas by adding suggestions or concerns.
  • Rate ideas you find particularly innovative and practicable.
  • Please frame your suggestions and questions in ways that reflect our community standards of integrity and mutual respect. Posts may be edited if they do not reflect these standards.

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